• musicians benefiting
  • win win situation empty property rates savings
  • artist enjoying the space to work
  • pop up stores saving landlords money
  • Major benefits here from an empty space
  • Grateful for the savings

Creative and Cultural

This group has used space in Hull Princes Quays shopping centre to display its work. They opened their first art space, POP (Pride Of Place) Arts Space on 28th February 2014 in Princes Quay shopping centre. There were over 2000 visits in the first week with 30,000 visits in the first year. Over 250 artists exhibited in the first year.

Creative and Cultural create opportunities for the public to participate and engage with the arts. They support artists to develop an audience for their works, share their skills and enjoy feedback. Their team manage a number of Creative & Cultural art spaces, galleries, studios, stages, theatre spaces, training resources and rehearsal rooms in the North of England Including POP (Pride Of Place) Arts Space, HIP (Hull International Photography) Gallery and artists studios.

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