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Find out how to reduce business rates with business rates savings on empty property:

Hammond Associates work with a number of Commercial Property Professionals including Property Lawyers, Surveyors and Rating Surveyors. Business rates is one of the most costly overheads for businesses and whilst a commercial building is empty it is a costly drain on resources.

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If you have any queries regarding business rates savings for empty commercial premises or seek advice on how to make
savings on your business rates generally, then send your enquiry to and it will be directed
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Frequently Asked Questions:

I have an empty office building, can I make savings on my business rates – Hammond Associates offer a tried, tested and ethical business rate saving scheme using charities and artists in occupation of commercial property.

Are there any other advantages besides business rates savings ? – Yes.  Your business will save on insurance premium, inspection and security costs

Does the charity actually use the property ?– Absolutely, we have a network of primarily arts based charities requiring space up and down the country.

Is the Hammond scheme legal? – Absolutely. The scheme is 100% legal and ethical.

Have any of these charities been set up to make business rates savings ? – No, the charities with whom we work are established and have been in existence for a minimum 20 years.

What does it cost us? – There are no charges upfront. All fees are taken from savings generated. On average you can expect to save between 56% – 70% on your business rates, plus further savings on your void costs.

What kind of property do you use? – Any empty commercial property in a habitable state.

Can we still market the property? – Yes.

Does the Charity pay the business rates? – Yes, they pay the rates at the reduced rate after the relevant reliefs have been applied.

Does the Charity pay rent? – They are contractually obliged to pay a peppercorn rent if requested

Do the Charities use it for 43 days? – No, the charity will occupy it until the property is sold or let, we do not exploit the 43-day rule.

Do the Charities obtain Empty Property Rate Relief? – When they are entitled empty rate relief we make the application, it is discretionary.

Do they always get Charitable Relief/ Mandatory Rates Relief? – We have a 99.9% success rate.

Will I be liable if the Charity doesn’t get relief? – Yes, all rates will be payable in the unlikely event that they don’t obtain relief.

How quickly can the Charity leave if we let or sell the property? – We have a 30-day notice period but can be flexible.

Can we have access to carry out viewings, inspections and maintenance? – Yes.

How long does it take to set the arrangement up? – Depending on the location we can generally have a charity in situ within a few days, if required.


business savings on empty property If you want to know more about business rates savings on empty commercial property, give us a call today.

Hammond Associate can help you every step of the way with business rates savings on empty property.

Save money and for a great cause too.